How to draw and paint flowers.

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Hello friends!

In this tutorial we are going to paint and draw flowers.

What do you need?

Paper, paint, a paintbrush, and markers (or coloring pencils).

I am using watercolor in this tutorial. You can use all types of paper, but thick (watercolor-)paper will work best if you use watercolor.

Let’s start by painting a tulip!

Choose a nice and bright color. First, paint the letter U. Then, fill it in, but leave the top edge a bit rough.

Then, paint another tulip in a different color.

Let’s now try a different flower, a daisy for example. Daisies have pointy leaves. Paint the leaves with the tip of your brush, by painting little stripes towards each other.

In the center, paint a dot in a darker color.


The last flower we’ll paint is a rose. Paint a soft circle in a lighter color, then make the top part of the circle a bit darker.

Now we’ll add details to our flowers. Wait until the paint is completely dry. Then, use markers or coloring pencils in a color that is one shade darker than the paint.

Draw the edges of the leaves of the flowers. Look at an example or a picture of the flower to draw the correct shape.

To draw the stems of the flowers, just draw green lines towards the bottom of your paper. Add a few green leaves to the stems. For the grass, draw some messy lines on the bottom edge of your paper.

Paint some light green paint over the little stripes with an almost-dry brush. This enhances the spiky look of the grass.

Tadaa! Your flowers are finished!

For your next painting, you can paint a whole bouquet with one type of flowers. Instead of the grass, try drawing a vase.

Keep practicing, and your results will get better every time!

I hope you had fun!

Lenie & Pabs